Landmark University has a compelling vision to spearhead an agrarian revolution on the African continent. In order to actualize this, all members of the Landmark University community are mandated to be part of Farm Practice. Farm practice is the actual participation by all faculty, staff and students of Landmark University in farming activities put in place to drive the agrarian revolution mandate that birthed the University. This is intended to inculcate the passion and vision of the University into all members of the University community. The farming processes are packaged into modules in order to engender full participation by students at all levels. The farm practices an integrated farming system where both crops and animals are raised. At Landmark University we are raising a new generation of solution providers, breadwinners and Job creators. The farmlands cultivated are owned by the University and products are primarily consumed by staff and students while the balance are sold to major cities in Kwara, Kogi, Ondo, Osun, Oyo and Lagos states including Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.